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Resources for COVID-19

Here are additional resources for those affected by the COVID-19:

  • Local resources can be found at rva.gov, including public health information, support for small businesses, and updates on services and closures.

  • Visit publichealth.va.gov of updates, information, and actions taken by Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • Food assistance is available for those who qualify, and Virginians can also find information on meal services for children by texting “food” or “comida” to 877-877.

  • Information and updates for students and parents from RPS can be found at rvaschools.net, including the availability of meals for children.

  • Unemployment information is on the Virginia Employment Commission website at vec.virginia.gov.

  • Advice for managing stress, anxiety, and mental health during the outbreak is available from the CDC at cdc.gov.

  • Small Business Administration loan information for businesses affected by the outbreak. Small businesses in Richmond are all eligible for disaster loans. More information at sba.gov.

  • Loan and debt relief resources for students is available through the Department of Education at ed.gov.

Dear Friend,


Evictions disrupt people’s health, relationships, work, and education. Now all those struggles continue be exacerbated by the pandemic.


Over the past two years, a series of local, state, and national eviction bans have prevented several Richmonders from losing their home in the middle of a pandemic. But those protections have faded over time - and this is a big issue, a crisis in the City of Richmond. Too many of our adults and children are at risk of getting evicted, and African-American renters, particularly African-American women, are at the highest risk - especially in our public housing communities.


We are faced with dealing with historical racial inequities in housing securities, disproportionately affecting renter households and bringing the dangers of housing instability and evictions into stark relief.


For many Richmonders who could lose their home, this won't just be a housing crisis. It’ll be an everything crisis. We have a housing crisis. It's a crisis for our children. And it's a work crisis - considering all things before the pandemic and during the pandemic.


Housing insecurity has been associated with higher rates of depression, higher rates of suspension and expulsion from school, and increased risks of chronic health conditions, to name a few.


Richmond Redevelopment Housing Authority has provided lease enforcement data that shows the true extent of the eviction crisis - with over 1000 households that could potentially be evicted soon. I've had countless meetings and sessions with RRHA to help them get something tangible in place that will help households navigate housing insecurity. RRHA continues to work diligently to help individuals and families.


All in all, rents and mortgages must be paid.


At our last 6th District meeting this past Saturday, we discussed the available resources to individuals concerning evictions and foreclosures. We also talked about the requirements for how and when landlords are required to file eviction documents with the court and how tenants must be notified that eviction documents have been filed, and the process thereafter.


I've spoken to Legal Aid and they have agreed to partner with myself and the City and RRHA to erect clinics with trained staff to help persons through the process of getting rental assistance - especially in our RRHA communities. We want to help everyone we can. The RRHA 'Come Current Campaign' application process appears to be a bit difficult for many - and challenging for those without the proper equipment to submit. That's where we must step in to assist. It is my hope that the clinics will be able to help the majority of persons that need funding quickly. Additional information will be forthcoming with dates and times that the clinics will be available. We need volunteers to assist with the clinics. If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to my office ASAP. Training will be provided.


The goal is to significantly reduce foreclosures and evictions; to keep people stably housed.


This is about Richmond. Our families. Our children. Our communities.